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unnamedMia is a free-spirit and world traveler, well-known for several years around her pied-a-terre, Antigua Guatemala. During a care-free bicycle ride in Galway Ireland, she was struck by a car and suffered steadily degenerating back and neck injuries. The driver was at fault and an insurance settlement is in the process. Determined as ever, Mia continued with her round-the-world travel plans to Malaysia, South Africa, and beyond.

Fast-forward to this month — Mia returned to Guatemala to arrange for her medical care under the careful management of Guatemala Medical Travel, because she knows that the professional attention and personal care she receives here are of the highest quality. Another bonus is that the insurance funding will cover the medical expenses, with some much-needed cash leftover.
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2Dr. Matheu, Guatemala City neurosurgeon, has diagnosed two fractures, requiring both lumbar and cervical procedures. The GMT administrative staff is busy preparing and submitting all the medical, legal and financial documentation from this end, in preparation of receiving a satisfactory settlement.

We hope that Mia will soon have the two successful surgeries behind her, so she can start working on the therapy that will restore her normal level of activity. But please, the doctor’s orders are: “No boogie-boarding, jungle trekking or mountain biking”, at least not for now.

Back-Packing From Australia, to Surgery in Guatemala

3Kieran had been back-packing through South and Central America, immersing himself in the various cultures and volunteering in villages of the highlands of Guatemala. He is young and active, so when a medical condition needed fast attention, he called Guatemala Medical Travel to handle the preparation and then schedule a routine procedure in Guatemala City the following week.

The operation and recovery were a great success. The staff of Angie’s Guest House even threw a little birthday party to be sure he wasn’t alone on his special day. Kieran had excellent medical care, and after a few weeks to relax and take it easy, a successful recovery. Overall, his medical outcome and impression of Guatemala were nothing but positive.

4Kieran says…. “Dr. Mishaan was my surgeon and I felt confident in his qualifications and ability. I had no problems communicating with him in English and I found him to be the straight the point. The clinic was clean and the staff were professional. I had originally thought of having surgery in México but I am glad I chose Guatemala and Dr Mishaan, as the service from the whole team was prompt and very helpful. Lori and Jade were both brilliant and I would certainly recommend Guatemala Medical Travel.”

Medical Travel Services Help Local Guatemalans

Most Guatemala Medical Travel clients arrive from other countries, but sometimes we have a request from loved ones or guardians to care for local residents who may not have the contacts or resources to navigate the top-notch private hospital system by themselves.

After Sr. Perez, a resident of San Marcos Guatemala, suffered an industrial accident while working in Florida, he was in a terrible state, requiring several surgeries to bring his sight, hearing, balance and speech back to normal. His U.S insurance company would pay for the expenses, but was impossible for them to oversee his care in a foreign country.

They trust Guatemala Medical Travel to coordinate procedures with Dr. Michel Nuyens, Dr Samuel Oliva and various other providers, so that Sr. Perez was able to have all of his medical attention close to his home, in Guatemala City, and at a fraction of the price.

When the son of Sra. Gomez was not able to travel from the United States to Guatemala to care for his dying mother, he called GMT to arrange for transport to the best possible healthcare facility, with our known and trusted hospital associates of Dr. Lopez. Both of the GMT patients, and their families, are grateful for the life-changing medical attention that they may not have received without an international medical advocate to assist them.

Affordable Dental Care with a Florida-to-Guatemala Commute

Working for the airline has it’s perks – like free flights to local and foreign destinations. Jim and Laura can take advantage of a short 2-hour-20-minute trip from Miami to GUA, plus they can schedule appointments for superior high-tech dental procedures only 10 minutes away from the airport.

In the elegant and spacious Dental Design clinic of Dr. Contreras and Dr. Alfaro, foreign patients and frequent travelers know they will receive world-class quality dental materials and the warm VIP welcome offered to honored friends and guests – old, and new.

Come back in a couple weeks for bridges and crowns, or in a couple months to finish implants? Not a problem. Guatemala Medical Travel arranges for airport pick-up and personal services, even dinners and tours. After final adjustments on their new restorations, Jim and Laura head home from vacation with more than vacation souvenirs and memories. They have healthy teeth and glowing smiles that will last for twenty years.

From Laura…. “Just wanted to thank you again for all you do! We had a really great experience with everything in Guatemala! I have referred you (Guatemala Medical Travel) and the dentists (Dr. Contreras and Dr. Alfaro) to several people already, including my parents, who just may be coming for periodontal cleanings. !! After having the first phase of the implants, I’m feeling great! I’m having minimal pain but under control with meds and I slept fine. I’m doing great – All in all, everything is better than expected!”

The Future of Medical Travel

In our emerging collaborative economy, buyers can source from hundreds of countries, not just in their hometown. The greatest value of user-friendly websites like and is their ability to build trust between strangers to initiate brisk commerce, new friendships and enriching experiences, around the world and in real time.

Imagine learning everything about all the best medical specialists in Guatemala on-line, then making appointments with them, in various languages, instantly confirmed.

High-resolution magnetic imaging and panoramic dental x-rays can be shared in the cloud, and be available for review by cooperating specialists in different countries before they can even answer the phone. By the way, that phone call is free from anywhere in the world with the app of your choice. These days, anyone with internet access is no longer a word-of-mouth common consumer, but a highly-enabled virtual marketplace collaborator.

What if we had the power to locate the best doctors and dentists, and buy our medical procedures the same way? Patients and associates can participate by sharing actual experiences, to confirm the doctor’s “reputation capital” defining the value of his or her capabilities, experience and dedication.

Check out the brand new first-edition websites, in Spanish, English and German. Come back soon to see all the new doctors profiles being added every day.

What Does This Mean for You?

Everyone wants to be able to depend on a physician who improves your quality of life, dispels your anxiety, cares about your lifestyle changes, gives you excellent advice, and maybe even saves your life. That authentic personal connection with your doctor benefits you, the patient and the people you love, for years to come.

Welcome to the Central America Medical Partners’ global community medical directory. Take some time to look around, and meet our associates, to make an informed choice, and contact the medical providers and personal advocates that are right for you.

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