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The partnership between doctors, surgeons and dentists in Central America, together with Guatemala Medical Travel, was borne of a need for all people to access accurate data and verifiable personal reviews about medical providers, in order to choose the doctor that’s right for them, quickly and easily, on-line.

In the first few years of Guatemala Medical Travel, and well before it became a real business, I was informally helping friends to find quality medical care in Guatemala. Fortunately, the level of medical skills and expertise I found in Guatemala City was astounding. The patients were amazed to be treated with such respect, concern and patience by a highly-skilled specialist.

I recognized this medical talent and genuine compassion as a valuable resource that more international patients need to know about. Seven years later, the Guatemala Medical Travel staff of nurses and business managers continue to help foreign patients with coordination and arrangements of major medical care, but we needed to expand, and open our confidential files to everyone: Guatemalans, neighbors, visitors and travelers.

In recent years, we have been experiencing a massive shift in market potential through the power of technology, toward a collaborative economy in which buyers can source from hundreds of countries, not just in their hometown. The greatest value of user-friendly websites like Amazon.com and Airbnb.com is their ability to build trust between strangers to initiate brisk commerce, new friendships and enriching experiences, around the world and in real time. These days, anyone with internet access is no longer a word-of-mouth common consumer, but a highly-enabled virtual marketplace collaborator.

What if we had the power to locate the best doctors and dentists, and buy our medical procedures the same way? Patients and associates can participate by sharing actual experiences, to confirm the doctor’s “reputation capital” defining the value of his or her capabilities, experience and dedication.

Everyone wants to be able to depend on a doctor who improves your quality of life, dispels your anxiety, cares about your lifestyle changes, gives you excellent advice, and maybe even saves your life. Knowing in advance about his or her achievements, skills, and humanity would be a valuable asset for you to make an authentic connection that benefits you, the patient and the people you love, for years to come.

Welcome to the Central America Medical Partners global community medical directory. Take some time to look around, and meet our medical associates, to make an informed choice, and contact the medical providers that that are right for you.