Guatemala Medical TravelGuatemala Medical Travel is the premier medical travel agency in Guatemala, providing nurse-companions, business services and VIP personal attention for foreign and local patients. Since 2009, GMT has been the trusted source for contact and collaboration with globally recognized providers of superior quality medical care. We are proud to introduce you to these “Preferred Providers of Guatemala Medical Travel”, an exclusive group of A+ physicians, fully qualified through board certification, extensive investigation, peer review and several years of practical experience with hundreds of successful medical travel patients. Save

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Cardio Thoracic

Cardio - Thoracic

Heart, Lungs, Arteries and Chest

Colo - Rectal

Tumors, Polyps, Hemorrhoids
Ear, Nose, Throat

Ear Nose & Throat

Thyroid, Mouth, Sinuses
Gastric General

Gastric - General

Digestive and Internal Organs

Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair Restoration and Transplantation
Head and Neck

Head and Neck

Cochlear Implants, Cancer Tumors


Minimally Invasive Microsurgery


Brain, Spine and Nervous System

Ob-Gyn, IVF, Fertility

Women’s Reproductive Health


Eyes, Vision, Retina, Macula, Cornea
Maxillofacial concept


Bones of the Face and Jaw


Bones, Joints and Connective Tissue


Doctors who specialize in treatment of babies, children and teen-agers.

Plastic, Cosmetic

Cosmetic and Restorative


Ethical Transplants of Liver, Kidneys, Organs


Kidneys, Bladder, Prostate


Veins and Circulation

Central America Surgeons

Dr. Salvador Recinos

Plastic surgery

Dr. Mario Gutiérrez

Ophthalmology – Eye Surgery

Dr. Rodrigo Bolaños

Hand & Upper Limb Surgery

Dr. José Fernando López

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Roberto Gallardo

Mini Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Estuardo Behrens

Weight Loss & Gastric Surgery

Dr. Stuardo Irungaray

Gynecology, IVF, Women’s reproductive health

Dr. Fernando Bauer

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Cristóbal Salgado


Dr. Carlos Vasquez

Vascular surgery

Dr. Edgar Danilo González

Ginecologia y Fertilidad

Dr. Michael Vitale

Endoscopic, General, Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Miriam Rojas


Dr. Julio Luis Pozuelos


Dr. Gabriel Rámila

Urology and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Oscar Rolando Terraza

ENT Doctor

Central America Medical Partners

Surgical specialists and medical providers with the reliable credentials and experience that you can trust. 
Primary care, cancer, stem cells, pain management, and general non-surgical procedures.
Cosmetic and general dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics and dental implants.

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Central America Surgery
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