Linda, The All Round Medical Traveler

12744162_1086851524668271_6131752096696123892_nAfter enjoying a fortunate life of good health and plenty of physical activity, Linda was thinking that after turning 60, it’s wise to get some thorough medical check-ups, like tune-up and repairs, from head to toe. Considering the outrageous medical expense in the United States, and the „low price for high quality“ value in Guatemala, Linda knew what she had to do to complete her medical agenda.

The flight from Florida to Guatemala City is the easy part – less than two and half hours away. Linda knew that scheduling consultations, exams, diagnostics, procedures and follow up visits with unknown doctors and hospitals in a foreign country would be nearly impossible, so she contacted the patient advocate specialists at Guatemala Medical Travel. Communication and coordination are what we do best.

Linda’s primary concern was to get some treatment and relief of that old shoulder impingement that was limiting her range of motion. Dr. Collia determined that she would need an arthroscopic procedure to release her shoulder that had become „frozen“.

Moving forward with the schedule, a routine colonoscopy with Dr. Garcia de la Riva, gastroenterologist extraordinaire was next on the list. Linda says, „In the States it is an expensive procedure and therefore many people forgo doing it. What was a nice touch in Guatemala that I was served a nice breakfast after 15 hours fasting, and had time to recover in a private room after the procedure. It was a very thoughtful addition.“


Linda had internal check-ups and diagnostic procedures with four different specialists in only two days. They discussed various options, but basically assured her that all organs and systems were operating efficiently and smoothly, as expected.

To round out the „medical travel whirlwind“, Linda’s GMT nurse companion accompanied her to the dermatologist, Dra. Sofia Wolmers, for a methodical, magnified investigation of every little bump and spot. Linda left there with a positive evaluation and some excellent advice about how to keep her skin looking healthy and youthful.

Stress and worry upset the body’s natural inclination to heal itself. Linda’s entire medical experience was well under control with the business and nursing attention of GMT, so that her only responsibility was to relax, and heal, and plan how to spend the rest of her peaceful Guatemala vacation.Guatemala Medical Travel



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