Cancer Drugs are Effective World-Wide. Not Yet FDA-Approved

„Of course Mr. M., we would be happy to help you to receive the finest global-quality medical attention in Guatemala as soon as you arrive.“ 

Lori Shea: OK, now let’s review please, to be sure that I get this right….

  1. The cancer patient has had first class work-ups at the NIH/ National Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins Cancer Center, Georgetown U. Medical Center and MD Anderson.
  2. All of their oncologists agree that a prescription for Yondelis/ Trabectedin chemotherapy will be the best course of treatment for the patient.
  3. You have excellent insurance coverage with Blue Cross, and they agree to pay for all the medical expenses associated with the chemotherapy.
  4. Yondelis was co-developed by Johnson & Johnson, approved for the European market in 2007, and is successfully used world-wide, but is still not FDA-approved in America?

Cancer Patient: Yes, that’s correct. We will need to fly from Virginia to Guatemala every three weeks for the injections.Zetina, Luis. Oncology

Lori Shea: I understand. Let’s get started right away.



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