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  • (502) 2278-3178, 2278-3181 in Guatemala
  • (305) 360 8409 in Miami
  • Spanish, English
  • Edificio Sixtino II
    Oficina #706 – ala 2
    6a Avenida 9-18, zona 10
    Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America
  • From 2:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon (morning surgeries)

Doctor's Profile

Dr. John Poole is in charge of the colorectal surgery unit of the largest public hospital in the country, San Juan de Dios, Guatemala and has been Surgical Chief and Faculty there since 1995. Since his own student residency in the early 1980’s, Dr. Poole has been a guiding force at San Juan de Dios teaching the latest medical advances to  medical students and surgical residents alike,  as well as diagnosing and treating his own patients with the precision and compassion that comes from over thirty years of clinical experience.

Dr. Poole likes to take a holistic approach to treating new patients, so he takes plenty of time with them to learn all aspects of their health and lifestyle. This holistic approach allows him to examine all potential contributing factors that affect total wellbeing and consider these factors in assessing overall health. He strives to assess patients carefully and methodically, to avoid any misunderstandings or unnecessary office visits.

“Many proctology problems like irritable bowel and constipation are the result of not eating properly, so I take extra time for nutritional consulting, to promote proper dietary habits.” says Dr. Poole. Research suggests that up to 35 percent of cancers are related to poor diet. By modifying what you eat and being active, you can reduce your risk of cancer and other health problems. Dr. Poole recommends to eat a diet with more fruits and vegetables and less red meat. Drink plenty of water and get exercise to promote overall good health.

With cancer being a leading cause of death world-wide, we take colonoscopies very seriously and work in collaboration with multi-disciplinary oncologists (cancer doctors) to evaluate, confer and ultimately determine the plan of treatment that will yield the best chance of successful outcome for our patients. Some people may require a polypectomy, which will remove intestinal growths that could become cancerous, or a local excision to remove a suspicious tumor. If colorectal cancer does occur, early detection and treatment dramatically increase chances of survival.  The relative 5-year survival rate for colorectal cancer, when diagnosed at an early stage before it has spread, is about 90%.

In addition to performing various general internal surgery procedures, Dr. Poole is especially well-versed in thyroid and endocrine problems. He has either lead or assisted in the majority of thyroid operations performed in Guatemala.

Dr Poole has treated thousands of patients from all over the world, and from all walks of life. Several long-term patients in Guatemala trust him as their own primary care physician or internal medicine specialist. For highly-sophisticated internal surgeries or a dietary consultation, he accepts all forms of insurance and can adjust billing for those who need it.

“The best testimonial of continuing success”, says Dr Poole, “is that the patients keep coming back, and refer their friends too.”


Professional Affiliations

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)
The MBE is awarded to people who demonstrate outstanding achievement and service to the community and is a very prestigious award.

People receive honors for achievements such as: making a difference to their community or field of work, enhancing Britain’s reputation, long-term voluntary service, innovation, and entrepreneurship, making change with an emphasis on achievement improving life for people less able to help themselves and displaying moral courage.

  • Recipient

San Juan de Dios General Hospital, Guatemala City

  • Surgical Consultant, Colorectal Unit (1995 – present)
  • Surgical Consultant, Third Surgical unit (1995 – present)
  • Interim head of the Surgical Department (2005-2006)
  • Chairman, Adjudications Committee (1998)
  • Chairman, Drug and Therapeutics Committee (1994-1998)
  • Residency and Internship as a Medical Student in General Surgery

 The International Society of Surgery, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Active Member

 American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons
Sociedad de Ciruganos de Colon y Recto de Estados Unidos

  • Active Member

International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ISUCRS) Mexico City

  • Active Member

 Cleveland Clinic, Digestive Disease and Surgery Institute

  • Attendee, Annual Conference in Boca Raton, FL (Feb. 2016)

 Colegio de Medicos y Cirujanos, Ciudad de Guatemala
Guatemalan Association of Surgeons, Guatemala City

  • Miembro Activo,  Active Member

Asociación de Cirujanos de Guatemala
Guatemalan Association of Surgeons

  • Secretario de la asociación (2004-2005) Association Secretary

Asociación Guatemalteca de Cirujanos Colorectal
Guatemalan Association of Colorectal Surgeons

  • Presidente de al asociacion desde 2006 a la fecha. President of the Association from 2006 to present
  • Vice-presidente (2004-2005)
  • Secretario General (2002-2004)

Asociación Guatemalteca de Médicos Académicos y Docentes (AGMAD)
Guatemalan Association of Academic Physicians and Instructors

  • Miembro Activo,  Active member

The British and Commonwealth Association of Guatemala
Asociación Británica de Beneficencia de Guatemala

  • Vice President from 2004 to present

British – Guatemalan Academic Association
Asociación Académica Británico – Guatemalteca

  • President from founding in 2002 to present

Rotary Club International Club Internacional de Rotarios

  • Active Member


Academic Affiliations

Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, Ciudad de Guatemala

  • Docente de Cirugia Post-grado (2004 a la fecha). Post-graduate Surgery instructor (2004 to present)
  • Especialista en Cirugia General. Specialist in General Surgery (1994)
  • Médico y Cirujano. Medical Degree (1982)

 Universidad of Francisco Marroquín, Facultad de Medicina, Ciudad de Guatemala

  • Instructor de estudiantes de 5º a 7º año de estudios. (1995 a la fecha)
  • Professor of Surgery to 5th and 7th year medical students (1995 to present)
  • Docente de Cirugía Ambulatoria (1997 a la fecha) Surgical Tutor, Outpatient Dept. (1997 to present)
  • Miembro del Consejo Editorial de la Revista Guatemalteca de Cirugía (2000 a la fecha)
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Guatemalan Journal of Surgery (2000 to present)
  • Curso en Patología de la Glándula Mamaria (2000)
  • Pathology of the Mammary Gland Course

 Foundation for the Early Detection of Cancer and JICA – Japan International Cooperation Agency

  • Advanced Course in early detection of gastrointestinal cancer and related tumors (2008)

 Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland Ohio, USA

  • Colorectal Surgery Mini-Symposium (2003)
  • Organizing Committee – Joint Scientific Meeting with Hospital Esperanza (2000-2002)

 Asociación de Cirujanos de Guatemala
Guatemalan Association of Surgeons

  • Curso en Cirugía Laparoscópica Avanzada. Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery course (2002)
  • Miembro Activo. Active Member

 American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer

  • Multidisciplinary Management of Cancer (2000)

 Universities and Hospitals in England – Post-graduate medical studies, residency, fellowships:

  • Burton General Hospital, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England. General and vascular surgery. (1991-1993)
  • Royal College of Surgeons of England, London, England. Medical School (1993)
  • Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham, England, Fellowship in Intensive care (1990)
  • Russell’s Hall Hospital, Dudley, Birmingham, West Midlands, England. Trauma, emergency (1988-1990)
  • King’s College, London, England. Full time course for Primary Trauma and Orthopedics (1987)
  • Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, Scotland, Full time course work (1985-1987)
  • Bartholomew’s Hospital, London England. General Surgery (1986)
  • University of Exeter, Exeter, England. Post-graduate Medical School (1983)


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Co-author of Enfermedades del Colon, Recto y Ano: Coloproctology, a Clinical and Surgical Focus

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Charity, Public Service, Donations

Public service and caring for the less fortunate is a way of life in the Latin culture

Dr. Poole’s medical talent, organizational skills, and generous heart compel him to contribute his time and energy to creating a new family clinic medical center for village residents near Tecpan, Guatemala. For some patients who live far away from the city, medical care is non-existent or of sub-standard quality. Dr. Poole draws from his extensive experience at the largest public hospital in the country, to helping the less fortunate who might not have easy access to prompt and efficient medical attention.

“San Juan de Dios” public hospital, in the historic district of Guatemala City, is well known to all Guatemalans as the general hospital for patients who need to depend on the generosity of social services to diagnose and treat them at a price they can afford.

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