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  • (502) 2385-7851 in Guatemala
  • (305) 360-8409 in Miami
  • Spanish, English
  • Edificio Multimedica, Oficina #1014
    Blvd. Vista Hermosa 25-19, zona 15,
    Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America

  • By appointment

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Gustavo Lopez evaluates and treats patients who come to his office seeking relief from the pain they are suffering as a result of an accident, sports injury, or degenerative illness. He is one of the premier hand surgery specialists in all of Central America, recognized for excellence in the comprehensive management of complex hand, wrist and elbow disorders, including fractures and arthritis.

He is one of the only hand surgeons in Central America who has been qualified and accepted by the American Society of Hand Surgeons.

He has a clinical team of talented young doctors to carry on the expertise they learn from Dr. Lopez’s 30 years of experience. Dr. Lopez has treated over 400 case of carpal tunnel release last year, and several thousand over his long career. When patients receive diagnostic orders from Dr. Lopez, they can be conveniently performed in the same building on the same day, with results sent to the doctor within 24-hours.

Dr Lopez and his team are able to provide a full-spectrum of care for all conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. The surgical center is equipped with state of the art equipment allowing them to perform Micro-surgical Hand Reconstruction and treat congenital conditions, sports injuries and rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Lopez attends international conventions every few months, to maintain his practice up to date with the latest innovations in microsurgery of the hand. These conferences are located in Mexico, The United States, Asia and Europe. A full 50% of his practice is devoted to correcting complications resulting from other physicians who may not have been the best choice of provider for the patient’s care.

With clear and fluent communication in both Spanish and English, patients know they are in the best hands with Dr Lopez.

Professional Affiliations

American Association for Hand Surgery
Corresponding Member since 2005

American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) New Jersey, USA
International Member

American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH)
International Member since 2014

La Asociación Guatemalteca de Ortopedia y Traumatología
The Guatemalan Association of Orthopedics and Trauma
Honored Guest Speaker at the 2012 Conference

Surgical Unit of Hospital Centro Medico, Guatemala City
Active Member

La Sociedad de Cirugia de la Mano del Caribe
The Society of Hand Surgery of the Caribbean
Member, Committee Organizer

Academic Affiliations

University of Louisville Hospitals, Louisville, Kentucky
Hand Surgery, 1983

Campbell Foundation and Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee
Clinical Fellow in Orthopedic Surgery, 1982


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Special Interests

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Please write to us about your experience with Dr. Lopez in the “Comments” section below. Other patients want to be assured of the doctor’s skill, experience, ethics and personal attention, as they resulted in your successful outcome.

“I want to express my deep appreciation for all the attention and successful treatment I received at the hospital with Dr Lopez Paz. last January, I had a fractured right neck of femur which required a hip replacement. The doctors, whom with great professionalism and human qualities, attended to me in such a manner that my recovery has been highly successful. I am very grateful.”

Estela, Guatemala City, April 2016

“I accompanied my mom during her stay in the hospital. In addition to the high degree of professionalism, I was impressed by the good disposition, inclination of service and joy with which all staff meet day to day with their work. Coupled with this pleasant experience I want to express my gratitude toward the whole team and courtesy to Dr Lopez Paz and my colleagues. Finally, I want to reiterate my great satisfaction and pride to belong to the group of doctors at Centro Medico.”

Dr. Claudia, Guatemala City, April, 2016

“First of all, I want to thank you again Dr Lopez Paz, for the wonderful job you and your partner did on my pinky! I wanted to let you know that I made it back to the United States okay and I am getting stronger every day, thanks to you.”

Gabrielle, Cincinnati, USA.

“[Dr. Lopez Paz,] I wanted to send a note of my appreciation for your care and attention to me during my stay at Centro Medico. Words cannot express my thankfulness for how you looked after me during my difficult period. I am well aware that it was the rapid attention of my friends and the dedicated doctors and staff at the hospital that provided rapid stabilization of my stroke and faster than anticipated recovery. I will always be grateful for the role each of you played, and for the many prayers on my behalf. Sending hugs and gratitude.”

Hugh and Barbara, USA

“I thank and congratulate Dr. Lopez for the good work that he has done caring for me.  His efficiency and professionalism were outstanding.”

 Mercedes, Guatemala, June 2013

Peer Reviews From Other Doctors

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Charity, Public Service, Donations

Public service and caring for the less fortunate is a way of life in the Latin culture.

Since 2004, Dr. Lopez has contributed his medical talent, thoughtful advice and warm hospitality to the most effective charity providing hand surgeries in Guatemala today: Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation. Together with Guatemalan and foreign surgeons, the devoted medical group has successfully evaluated cases and performed surgeries for over 500 patients.

Over 2800 doctors, therapists and students have attended their Educational Workshops, and have been directly involved in the community development of Chichoy Alto, Guatemala.

Dr. Lopez Paz also participates in the humanitarian programs of the Shalom Foundation.

“What a wonderful and successful Screening Day! Today was our first day working in the beautiful Centro Quirurgico Pediatrico Moore facility in Guatemala City. A huge thank you to our family of volunteers, both Guatemalan and from back home. You all worked so incredibly hard to evaluate 150 kids and schedule 55 of them for surgery! Others will be receiving therapy and many we will be monitoring and seeing them in years to come.”

From Lynn Bassini – Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation

Patient Success Stories

Every patient has different circumstances and expectations. We will tell you about an interesting and unusual case that Dr. Lopez was able to turn around with unexpectedly outstanding results.

If you remember the wildly popular Mexican musical group Mageto, you would know that Richie, one of the lead singers, suffered a terrible accident in 2002. During a Latin American concert tour, Richie’s hand was caught in the blades of a helicopter. The unforgiving metal edges severed fingers, nerves and tissues. Richie thought that his function and mobility would be lost forever. Thankfully, he was in the expert care of Dr. Guatavo Lopez Paz in Guatemala City, so he come through the series of reconstructive surgeries with a functioning hand, looking better than he ever imagined it could be.
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In 2016, a two-year-old child accidentally slipped her hand through the chain of a stationary exercise bike and had her right thumb amputated. The tips of the middle and ring fingers were also cut off.

Dr Lopez Paz took her immediately to the operating room to begin the series of procedures that would repair the function and appearance of the little girl’s hand. After nine hours of precision microsurgery, he was able to place a pin in the bones to keep them in place. Through the extraordinary skill and unwavering attention of Dr. Lopez Paz, the little girl will recover most of the function of her hand. To the amazement of her grateful parents, and after recovery and therapy, she will once again be able to laugh and play and throw a ball with the other children.